A judge described it as "tragic" that a father of a young child from Bolton was jailed after being found with £78,000 of cocaine in his home which he planned to deal.

Police raided the home of Lewis Ottley on Ashton Street, Little Lever, and found drugs.

Bolton Crown Court heard that Ottley handed himself in to the police a short time later.

Aubrey Sampson, prosecuting, said: "There was white powder, cash of £12,000, designer clothing, watches, a plastic carrier bag containing an unknown substance and a debtors' list.

"The items were analysed. Two sets of scales were found, both had residue of powder.

"They had been used to weigh drugs.

"One package had 332 grams of cocaine with a 74 per cent purity.

"The other had 342.36 grams with a varying purity. In total there was 674.36 grams.

"The total value of the drugs was £78,000."

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Ottley, 33, appeared in court to be sentenced after admitting possession of cocaine with the intent to supply it.

Salek Ahmed, defending, said; "The first and most important thing to say on his behalf is that is he genuinely sorry.

"He recognises that he has made a serious mistake.

"He is the father of a three year-old-son and is supported in court by a number of family and friends."

Mr Ahmed added that Ottley had references from his work as a plasterer and would have work when he was released from prison.

Recorder Peter Atherton said: "It is clear you were dealing on a substantial scale in cocaine.

"It is tragic to place yourself in these circumstances where you have a young child who needs a role model not somebody being sent to prison but someone who is an exceptional plasterer.

"Very often in the newspapers we see terrible crimes committed by people under the influence of cocaine and other drugs, there are truly devastating crimes being committed by adults, these people are being supplied by people like you sadly."

He jailed Ottley, from Ashton Street, Little Lever, for a period of four years.