A man broke into a dentist and primary school after being told to leave the half-way house he was living in after being released from prison.

Paul Hughes was jailed for burglary at Liverpool Crown Court in April last year and when released was assigned a place in Bolton.

But when his period of being on a tag expired he had to leave that and had nowhere to go.

Bolton Crown Court heard he went on to  commit break-ins into two spots in the town.

He first struck at the Bolton Dental Practice on Bury Road in Bury on October 10 last year.

Katherine Wright, prosecuting, said: “The cleaner discovered the property had been broken into.

“£356 in cash had been taken as well as a laptop. The value of the damage was £2,000.”

On November 20 he broke into Leverhulme Primary School stole an Ipad.

The total value of this and the damage was £150.

Hughes was arrested in December but initially denied both burglaries.

He appeared in court to be sentenced after admitting he was behind both incidents.

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David Bruce, defending, said: “He was released from custody in August.He was then put in a premise in Bolton with a tag. Once he served that period he was told he had to leave.

“That meant he was homeless at that particular time.

“The defendant has quite complex problems, he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.

“He found himself living on the streets, he did not have a GP.

“He does have problems with drugs, he is currently on methadone in custody.

“It is not an excuse but some explanation as to the circumstances.”

Recorder Peter Atherton said: “You do not know what was on the laptop, it could have been patients’ details.

“Schools are struggling, the Ipad could have had important information on it about children.

“These are serious offences.”

He jailed him for a year and added: “I hope when you are release you will be able to find some help both in terms of accommodation and for your health.”

Hughes replied: “I would just like to apologise to the people involved and the people affected by my actions.”