For once the forecasters got it right and we did indeed have snow yesterday.

But we can already sense many a Looking Back reader muttering ‘call that snow ....’

And we’d have to agree. So we’ve been into the archives to pull out a few photos from years gone by when Bolton really did gets its fair share of the white stuff, bringing chaos to the roads and giving youngsters an unexpected - and much welcome - day off school.

Looking at some of the pictures you can see how lightly the area got off with the first snows of 2024.

A major snowfall is something that sticks long in the memory and we’d love to hear your reminiscences about a big freeze you remember. Perhaps you were a child during the winter of 1963 which was particularly brutal. Or more recent spells of Arctic weather strikes a chord.

If you have any photos of your own, again we’d love to share them with Looking Back readers.

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