The Government’s controversial Rwanda deportation bill has passed despite the threat of a rebellion - which included one of Bolton’s MPs.

Bolton West MP Chris Green had been one of 61 Conservative MPs to vote for a rebel amendment earlier this week aimed at making the bill more robust.

But at the final reading on Wednesday evening, Mr Green voted for the bill along with most of his Conservative colleagues.

Speaking before the final reading on Wednesday, Mr Green said: “A couple of years ago when Priti Patel as Home Secretary passed legislation to enable us to start using Rwanda as a country to send refugees to, the human rights lawyers were able to take every person off the flight.”

He added: “The purpose of our amendment was to say that Rwanda actually is a safe country generally, but also that it is a safe country for those individuals.”

The Bolton News: A group of Conservative MPs had threatened to rebel against Rishi SunakA group of Conservative MPs had threatened to rebel against Rishi Sunak (Image: PA)

The Government’s Safety of Rwanda Bill aims to send migrants who cross the English Channel on small boats on one-way trips to the central African nation rather than allow them to try and stay in the UK.

So far, the policy has cost around £290 million but has not succeeded in sending anyone to Rwanda after a series of challenges in the courts.

The proposed changes to the Safety of Rwanda Bill were put forward by Sir Bill Cash MP and tabled by former immigration minister Robert Jenrick and aim to make these challenges more difficult.

Along with Mr Green, the rebel amendment was supported by senior MPs Lee Anderson and Brendan Clarke-Smith.

But at the final reading on Wednesday evening, only 11 Conservative MPs rebelled including former home secretary Suella Braverman MP and former immigration minister Robert Jenrick MP.

They claim that the bill in its final form still allows lawyers to use internal law to challenge deportations.

Campaigners have also warned about the dangers posed to people who are deported.

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A Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants spokesperson said: “We are appalled that MPs have voted through the government’s inhumane Rwanda bill.

“This bill is both outrageous and dangerous, allowing the government to ignore the supreme court and international law and send people away where their lives may be at risk.

“No one should be forcibly sent to Rwanda or anywhere.

“Instead of playing politics with people’s lives the government should bring in policies which defend the rights and dignity of people seeking safety.”