Westhoughton councillors said residents have raised safety concerns to them regarding plans to dim street lights being dimmed by Bolton Council.

Bolton Council is considering dimming lights in certain areas amid a raft of budget cuts totalling nearly £10million.

But this has prompted concerns about safety, especially for women walking alone.

Westhoughton North and Hunger Hill councillor Deirdre McGeown has urged council bosses to think again after residents expressed safety concerns following reports of assaults, including on October 7 on the walkway between Southfield Drive and Mill Street.

Cllr McGeown said: “We are all aware that there have been several assaults on vulnerable people including women on footpaths after dark.

“In many of these footpaths, the street lighting is perceived to be below an acceptable standard, either because of the policy of dimming lights or because of other factors such as inadequate installations or overgrown trees.

“We need to examine the lighting levels in many locations and make any necessary improvements.”

Bolton Council say  lights will not be dimmed where there are “specific community safety issues”.

Cllr McGeown added: “This will be little comfort to residents who are telling me that they already don’t feel very safe going about their business after dark.”

A spokesperson for Bolton Council said: “We will not dim lights where there are specific community safety issues.

“Any dimming of street lights will be subject to a risk assessment on all considered locations.

“Dimming will be up to a maximum of 30 per cent if is deemed appropriate to do so.

“It is not our intention to reduce all street lights by 30 per cent but to allow that to occur where it is safe and appropriate.”

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