A local author has written a book about a footballing icon. 

Karlo Tasler's new book, 'Beyond Cristiano', will focus on the "top shelf" mentality of Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo, who has played for Manchester United and Real Madrid among other clubs during his illustrious career.  

Karlo, who is originally from Croatia but now lives in Walkden, has described the book as a "weird mix" between fiction and non fiction, where two fictional characters debate the conflicting mentalities of Ronaldo and fellow football icon, Brazilian Ronaldinho. 

The book will be launched at Walkden Library on Wednesday, January 24, at 7pm. 

Karlo said: "I started writing the book a few years ago. I started with Cristiano Ronaldo, a modern society hero and idol, a man who is never satisfied with what he has achieved. Happiness is just within reach, but always one recognition, one trophy away. 

The Bolton News: Karlo TaslerKarlo Tasler (Image: Karlo Tasler)

"As I was writing it I came across a man who reached the same heights of the game, but with a completely different approach, Ronaldinho (the Brazilian World Cup winner who played for Barcelona). 

"He was never burdened with how people perceived him on the pitch and off the pitch. He was always about a pure love for the game, pure art in a way. 

"As such, he is completely different to Ronaldo but still reached football immortality. So the book was about these two complex different perspectives that led them to the same glories." 

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At the launch, Karlo will read from the book, sign copies and there will be discussion on football and the impact of sports. 

For tickets to the free event, follow this link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/book-launch-beyond-cristiano-by-karlo-tasler-tickets-799454920187

The Bolton News: The cover for Beyond CristianoThe cover for Beyond Cristiano (Image: Karlo Tasler)

Karlo said: "But since moving to Manchester, I leaned towards Ronaldo as he is big in Manchester, and he became the focal point.

"The book is about two guys but is a work of fiction as well, it is a discussion between two fictional characters, one loves Ronaldo and one loves Ronaldinho. The beginning of the book is set in Walkden. 

"It is a weird mix between fiction and non fiction, as they are fictional people discussing real people." 

He added: "I was amazed by Cristiano's mentality, the way he approached the game. I was fascinated and wanted to analyse where that mentality comes from. 

"He has a top shelf winning mentality, he never wanted to lose."