The issue of car parking in Bolton would seem to have always been a subject of controversy.

Today the debate rumbles on about the the money owed to the council by NCP.

The Bolton News: Folds Road car park, Bolton, 1988

Back in 1988 when this photo was taken, questions were being asked about the availability of car parking spaces.

The picture shows cars queuing on a Saturday in April that year to get into the Folds Road car park.

The signs make interesting reading - it was free during the week and 50p on a Saturday.

At that time the Bolton News reported that there were 14 public car parks in the town providing 4,200 spaces. On street parking provided just over 1,000 more spaces,

In the 14 car parks just over 1,000 spaces were free.

For car lovers, it’s interesting to see two boy racer favourites from the Eighties - the Fiesta XR2 and Opel Manta in the photo.