A man said passengers were forced to sit on a plane as fuel spilled out of wing on to the runway.

The shocking video and images from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Airport in Mumbai show gallons of what appears to be fuel gushing out on to the runway as passengers watch on.

Passengers were stuck on the plane, not moving, for five hours, and had to asked for food and water during the delay.

The passenger, Ayub Chatti, who also works in Blackburn, said he was travelling back to Manchester Airport via Bahrain and called the whole journey a ‘nightmare’.

He said he had complained to Gulf Air about the incident, which caused his journey to be delayed.

He said: “It was shocking to see such scant disregard for the safety of passengers.

"Fuel was gushing out of the plane on to the runway and we were all sat in the plane.

“We got told it was fuel and there was a problem and to sit tight.

“We waited in the plane for five hours just sitting there; we had to beg for water and food. Eventually they gave us some snacks.

“You would think they would get passengers off. People were reasonably scared of seeing so much fuel spilling out.

“There were a few of us all travelling back to Blackburn and sitting on a plane for so long was just frustrating and tiring.

“We were meant to take off at 9.30pm and set off at 2am.

“Even worse it was worrying when we finally took off during the journey to Bahrain we were all worried. Anyone would be.”

He said it had initially taken him six hours to get from Bharuch, 200 miles north of Mumbai, to the airport and check in.

Mr Chatti said: “To have that wait after a long drive was already tiring.”

They eventually landed at Bahrain International Airport in the early hours of the morning.

From there they travelled on to Doha in Qatar to catch another connecting flight on to Manchester Airport.

The passengers arrived back in Manchester 13 hours later, following the incident on Saturday, December 9.

Mr Chatti, who had paid £553 for a return ticket, said: “We got back to Manchester on the 10th and it was a full 13 hours after we were due back.

"It forced me to go back to work a day later and caused all sorts of issues.

“We contacted Gulf Air and they were said I was due back $118, which was below what someone else who on the same journey as me was offered.

“Another passenger was offered $250. It just does not make any sense?

“We went through exactly the same journey so you would think the airline would pay people the same amount.”

Gulf Air has been contacted for comment.