A renowned Bolton playwright is set to begin acting classes this week.

Sinful Joe’s Acting Gym will host its first acting class at Falcon Mill, Bolton, on the 27th of January (Saturday), open to actors of all ages and experience in theatre.

Bolton-based actor, playwright, director and studio owner of Sinful Joe’s Acting Gym, Joe O’Byrne aims to build upon his current rehearsal studio to create the perfect place for learning new acting skills or polishing up on acting skills already gained.

Joe is looking to use his 25 years of theatrical experience extend his repertoire, as attendees may also have the chance to work with the award-winning director professionally.

Coming off the success of six nationwide touring productions, including “The Haunting of Blaine Manor”, the playwright originally from Manchester described his idea of making acting classes more inclusive: “The thought process was that even as an experienced actor, you can be sat there waiting for the phone to ring for your next job.

“And what better way to be ready for that than to have your acting skills honed so that you’re ready to pick up a script and run with it.”

Joe hopes to lead “more involved and engaged” sessions for both local and established talent, with the latter being imperative to the purpose of Sinful Joe’s sessions.

He continued: “But at the same time, that level of experience rubs off on new people that are coming into the business as well.

Joe seeks to provide opportunities for attendees to be casted or entrusted as a writer in any of his theatrical plays.

“The gate is open for any other people that comes to the classes to say, ‘Can I bring something in?’”

“If a person’s good enough from my class, of course I’m going to cast them. Absolutely. No question.

“As long as actors are getting the opportunity to work with something, then everybody wins.”

Participating in acting classes as a means to simply get out of the house more often and improve mental health is another objective of Joe's latest endeavour.

“This time of year, and throughout the year, is tough as it is. We’re living in a very pressurised society. [It’s] probably the most pressure I’ve seen in my life that society’s under at the minute.”

“And you need a break, you need an escape. Acting and performing are such tonic modes to express and get stuff out your system. It’s a release, much more than anything else”

“It’s an opportunity to mix with other people you’ve not before, build up friendships and confidence and shake off some of the horrible stuff that we’re having to carry around.”

For more information on Sinful Joe’s Acting Gym, visit Joe John McClane O’Byrne on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/joe.obyrne1). Alternatively, register your interest at 07525 092514.