A Bolton man who had no money took stolen bank cards and used them to pay for food.

Gary Greenhalgh was struggling in the aftermath of a breakup with his partner.

Wigan and Leigh Magistrates Court heard he had used bank cards that had been taken from a car.

Rachel Evans, prosecuting, said: “This offence relates to an incident on January 20.

“The owner had parked his vehicle outside his house.

“The following morning he has found his gym bag and bank cards had been stolen.

“The victim has spoken to neighbours who showed him CCTV of the incident.

“At 1.52am on Saturday, January 20 someone was seen entering his vehicle on the front passenger door making off with the bag and car.

“He has then checked his online account.

“He has found two bank cards had been used in shops overnight.

“There were two separate charges.”

The first transaction was for items worth £15 and the second was for £77.

Police reported at the weekend that Greenhalgh had been charged for fraud offences after theft from a car in the Bromley Cross area.

When interviewed he gave no comment.

However in court the 46-year-old pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud by false representation.

Nicola Tyres, defending, said: “He accepts responsibility for it.

“Someone he begs for money with has given him the bank card and he used that to buy food.”

The court heard he was last in the dock in 2002 but in 2015 had been convicted in his absence of not paying his TV licence and had not paid any of the £350 owed.

Greenhalgh, when asked if he had anything to say by the bench said: “I am really sorry.

“I fell out with my partner.

“I have found being by myself difficult.

“I have signed on but they have not sorted out my claim yet.

“I saw an opportunity and I was hungry and I took it, I did not think it through.

“I thought of the food before I thought of the consequences."

When asked about the £350 fine for not having a TV licence in 2015 he said: “I do not remember anything about that.”

Chair of the bench Sara Moreton said: “On this occasion and this occasion alone we are going to give you a conditional discharge to run for 12 months.”

The outcome means that if Greenhalgh, from Settle Street, Great Lever, stays out of trouble for a year he will receive no further penalty.

The chair told him to start claiming benefits or obtain work so he can pay the £350 he owes.