Prime Minister’s Questions used to be more interesting and informative but the PM can only work with the quality of questions he receives. 

Sometimes, as happened recently, the questioner illuminates the rifts within his own political party far more than he lays down a principled argument or cause he actually believes in.

Labour have a split personality and moral nature. 

They present themselves as a born again Blairite political force as we approach the General Election but they still depend upon the Corbynista socialists for their campaigners, councillors and many of their Members of Parliament. 

If Keir Starmer were to become Prime Minister, would he govern as the Corbyn loyalist that he was or the Blairite that he now presents himself as?

During PMQs, a Labour MP, Tahir Ali, accused the British Prime Minister of personally having “the blood of thousands of innocent people on his hands” over the appalling ongoing conflict in Gaza. 

He clearly buys into the imperial idea that Britain should rule the world and that, perhaps by force of arms, we should lay down the law on other countries and regions.

The USA and regional powers have far more local influence than the British Government but Labour MPs want the Blairite neo Con/Liberal Interventionist agenda where the British Prime Minister gets into bed with the US President and slavishly follows his agenda.

The problem that Sir Keir Starmer faced, when hearing the question, was how to react.  To have a Muslim Labour MP publicly side with the people of Gaza and against Israel seems to be intolerable for a leader who is doing his best to stand for nothing.  No one has any idea what he would actually do as Prime Minister.

Well, we do know how it would pan out.  Just as Tahir Ali MP shared his scripted and grovelling apology we know that Sir Keir will have his values on the script handed to him only after the election.