Bolton men are likely die up to eight years earlier than their southern counterparts, new figures show.

How long people are expected to live depending on where they are born have been compiled and show a “clear geographical divide” in the north and the south of the country.

New figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show areas in southern England dominate the latest list for the highest life expectancy at birth, making up the entire top 10 for both males and females, while no areas in the south appear in the top 10 for the lowest life expectancy.

Most local areas have also seen a fall in estimated life expectancy at birth, with the reduction driven by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The estimated life expectancy at birth for females born in 2020-2022 for Bolton is 80.74.

The estimated life expectancy at birth for males born in 2020-2022 for Bolton is 76.63.

On the other hand, in Salford, the estimated life expectancy at birth for females born in 2020-2022 is 80.09.

And the estimated life expectancy at birth for males born in 2020-2022 in Salford is 75.88.

Cllr Andy Morgan, Conservative spokesman for Adult Social Care, Health and Wellbeing said: “There is clearly a North South divide when it comes to life expectancy, but it is also clear there is also a divide between the most deprived areas of Bolton and the least deprived areas.

“This is down to many factors including socio-economic conditions, employment opportunities, education levels and lifestyle choices.

“The only way to address these differences is with policy interventions and additional investment that encourages economic growth along with continued investment in education and health. 

The Bolton News: Average female life expectancy at birthAverage female life expectancy at birth (Image: PA)“By investing in education, we can empower residents to make informed decisions about their health and well-being and by default extend their life expectancy.

“Improved skills can open doors to better employment opportunities, economic stability, and a sense of purpose.

“Economic development also has a crucial role in bridging the life expectancy gap. By focusing on quality job creation and sustainable economic growth we can provide the resources necessary for healthier lifestyles.

“But the key to making all this happen is investment, whether that be by the private sector or the government. 

“As a council we must never stop lobbying national government for our fair share. 

“We must also maintain our aspirations when it comes to regeneration and continue to make Bolton an attractive proposition for private investment.”

According to the figures, male life expectancy was highest in Hart in Hampshire, at 83.7 years, followed by Uttlesford in Essex, 82.7 years, South Cambridgeshire, 82.7 years, and Wokingham in Berkshire, 82.5 years.

Blackpool in Lancashire had the lowest male life expectancy, 73.4 years, followed by Manchester, 74.8 years, Hull, 75 years, and Blackburn with Darwen in Lancashire, 75.2 years.

The Bolton News: Average male life expectancy at birthAverage male life expectancy at birth (Image: PA)Female life expectancy was highest in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea, at 86.3 years, ahead of Hart, 86.1 years, Winchester in Hampshire, 85.9 years, and South Hams in Devon, 85.9 years.

Julie Stanborough, ONS deputy director of health and life events, said: “Although life expectancy has fallen across all regions and constituent countries, there is a clear geographical divide when it comes to areas with the best and worst outcomes.

“None of the 10 local areas with the highest life expectancy were located in the north of England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

“By contrast, of the 10 local areas with the lowest life expectancy, none were in the south of England.”

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