A woman who climbed to the top of Pendle Hill said she came across a "ghostly type person" who could only be described as a "witch".

These images were taken by Katie Berry, 38, and her brother Michael, from Farnworth, who were visiting Pendle Hill for the first time on Thursday. 

Pendle Hill has been named one of the most "haunted spots" in the UK.

It is renowned for its links to witchcraft and devil worship and is believed to be haunted by the spirits of the Pendle Witches who were tried in 1612 for the murders of 10 people by the use of witchcraft.

Katie said they set off at 11am and reached the top around three hours later and saw this woman hurrying towards them.

She said: “She was walking at a brisk pace and had her head down. It was well eerie and strange.

“We weren’t scared or anything as she was approaching us we realised she did not lift her head once.

“But as she got closer and closer it got a little stranger. She still didn’t lift her head at all. Who walks like that?"

The Bolton News:

She says both her and her brother attempted to communicate with the woman.

“We did say ‘hello’ and tried to say something but she didn’t say anything and walked straight past. 

“Who does that? I said ‘oh my god’.

“We saw other people around as we were climbing up but nobody was there at the top.

“She certainly looked like a witch and we have shown it everyone.”

The Bolton News:

Katie said it was a first time they had travelled to Pendle Hill but would be returning despite seeing the apparition.

She added: “We will be going back. But there is no way I would go alone!”

The Pendle Witch story is one of the most famous and well documented set of witch trials by the clerk to the court, Thomas Potts.

Of the 12 accused of witchcraft, 10 were executed by hanging for their crimes whilst one was found not guilty and another died in prison.