A family of six remain stuck in a two-bedroom house after an application for an extension was blocked by the Planning Inspectorate.

The father of the family, Imran Chhadat, appealed to the inspectorate after the bid for an extension was blocked by the council last year.

Mr Chhadat told councillors on the Planning Committee at the time the application for an extension – a new first-floor extension on top of an old ground-floor extension at his house on Windermere Street – was "a necessity" for him, his wife, two teenagers and two twins born a matter of months beforehand.

However one neighbour told councillors the approval of the proposal would make his house next door like "a prison" and it was refused.

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Mr Chhadat said: "The issue is simple. I have four children and I have borrowed money for this extension. 

"I live in a two-bedroom house. I can't afford to buy a bigger house and I need this extension as a necessity."

The neighbour said: "My bedroom is my place of rest and my place of work as I work from home.

"Considering how much time I spend in the bedroom the overshadowing will have a severe impact on my wellbeing. It will be like a prison."

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At the end of last month an inspector, R Jones, considered whether to allow the appeal or throw out the appeal.

They threw out the appeal on the basis of its impact on the neighbour in terms of loss of light and overshadowing.

They said: "I have had regard to the appellant's circumstances in this case and I recognise the benefits which would arise from the proposal in terms of providing an additional bedroom.

"I also appreciate the efforts made by the appellant to seek a solution with his neighbour.

"Whilst I have sympathy with the appellant these are not sufficient to allow a development which would cause such significant harm as I have identified. 

"Further, whilst I observed on my site visit other properties on Windermere Street are extended over two storeys to the rear, none have a relationship with their neighbour comparable to the one I have described. Unfortunately, therefore, they do not offer particular support to the proposals now before me."

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