Speeding concerns have been raised by residents after a number of crashes. 

Residents say that cars travel too quickly on Cameron Street and Hamilton Street after cars had been written off in a number of smashes.

The issues were raised at the Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meeting at the Drummond Street Community Centre on February 5. 

PACT meetings are where members of neighbourhood policing teams, in this case Bolton North, meet with residents and councillors so they can highlight issues in their communities. 

A resident said: "There are speeding cars on Hamilton Street and Cameron Street. A car wrote off my neighbour's car last week, and it happened 18 months ago. 

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"It is all the time. If the car hadn't been there, it would have gone straight through his house.

"There is a long run down Cameron Street, drivers pick speed up, come round the corner and hit our cars." 

Another resident said his cars had been hit multiple times over the years. 

Sergeant Zach Keneally highlighted that the issue last week was where the car crashed while being chased by police, as opposed to speeding. 

He added: "The issue has now been raised, so we can go and see what it is like." 

The Bolton News: Police officers and councillors at the PACT meetingPolice officers and councillors at the PACT meeting (Image: Newsquest)

Cllr John Walsh said: "It has just been said it is a rat run. Under the Mayor's Council Fund, there was a scheme put forward by engineers to close Wilkinson Road, as it is used as a rat run from Moss Bank Way to Belmont Road, and to use Cameron Street and Hamilton Street as a through road instead. 

"We fought that, and as a result it has been shelved. It was TfGM's engineers' scheme to move the rat run. It would be a disaster. 

"Be aware that the Mayor's Council Fund is still around and that scheme is still on the table, and we will oppose that." 

Cllr Hillary Fairclough added: "We will look at the best way forward." 

Cllr Fairclough has said she will ask for a traffic speed count in the area.