Bright young things at The Sixth Form, Bolton, are on track to carve out a successful career after securing a position with Rolls Royce.

The two were just 40 out of 8,000 students chosen for a coveted apprenticeship with the leading firm.

They have secured Engineering Degree Apprenticeships which will fund their BEng degrees, and they will have unrivalled experience they will gain from working for Rolls Royce.

The students will spend their first year at university gaining a firm foundation in engineering.

From their second year onwards, they will complete a series of placements in different areas of Rolls Royce, enjoying on-and-off the-job training and outstanding opportunities to progress.

Zarah Patel a former Sharples School student, studies A-level economics, mathematics and physics with Honours Programme and EPQ at The Sixth Form.

She has been interested in aerospace engineering from a young age and has spent a lot of time researching different routes into the sector.

Zarah said:“Studying at The Sixth Form Bolton has opened a range of opportunities for me which has enabled me to pursue my dream career path.

"Through the help of the Apprenticeship Academy, I felt equipped with the correct skills needed to secure an apprenticeship.

"As well as being provided with useful information about applying for university to ensure I explored all my options.

"As well as ensuring I will be equipped for my career path post 18 through an exceptional CV, cover letter and personal statement.

"From the start of my apprenticeship application process the careers team ensured I was supported, which enabled me with the best chance of success as well as helping me develop crucial skills along the way which will be needed in an everyday workplace."

Millie Adamson, a former Westhoughton High School student who is currently studying Triple Vocational Level 3 Applied Science, said: “I’m so excited about my apprenticeship and I’m really glad that studying Vocational Science has led to such a coveted opportunity.

"There were hundreds of applications for this apprenticeship, and I’m so happy that I succeeded in getting an offer. I had a careers appointment with Jill Whitham where she recommended the Apprenticeship Academy to me which helped me to find out about the Rolls Royce vacancy and gave me the skills and confidence that I used in the assessment centre.”

The Sixth Form Apprenticeship Academy supports students who wish to secure higher and degree level apprenticeships after sixth form.

Emily Dover, careers and employability advisor at The Sixth Form said: “Apprenticeships are becoming an increasingly popular choice for our students, which is why I set up the Apprenticeship Academy back in 2021. Year 13 students in the Academy have access to a range of resources and regular workshops which support them through each stage of the rigorous recruitment processes involved in a degree apprenticeship application. Zarah and Millie have both taken part in substantial extra-curricular activities, which, combined with their academic successes, helped them to stand out from the competition.

"The girls have been enthusiastic members of my Apprenticeship Academy, attending lots of the workshops and coming for regular 1-1 support with the careers team. I can provide all the information and advice, but it is up to the students to put the hard work into applying for apprenticeships. I am very proud of them both for securing such a competitive apprenticeship with Rolls Royce, and they are a shining example of hard work paying off.”