The owner of a Halliwell takeaway is celebrating after his business has been awarded a newly improved food hygiene rating.

Smashdown at 274 Halliwell Road was rated a zero food hygiene rating after an inspection on November 16.

But now, after making improvements to facilities, the eatery was awarded a four-out-of-five hygiene rating on January 22.

According to the Food Standards Agency’s website, the cleanliness and condition of facilities and building and the hygienic food handling are both now generally satisfactory and the management of food safety is very good.

Smashdown manager Moshin Patel said he feels relieved to have the new rating as the "zero" score has had a negative impact on the business over the last couple of months.

But he wants to reassure customers that the rating was regarding facilities and not to do with hygiene.

Moshin said: “To be honest I am a bit gutted that it isn’t a five, but I am relieved it is much higher than before.

“When we initially got the zero and our customers found out they were all shocked and surprised, and people didn’t realise the reason behind the rating. They just saw a zero and thought it was unhygienic, but it isn’t, we had facilities issues.

“The only reason we got that zero was due to facilities issues such as the sink that was leaking, it was still working but the inspectors classed that as an none working sink due to the leak.

“The toilet being separate was also a problem raised.

The Bolton News: Smashdown sell a range of delicious foodsSmashdown sell a range of delicious foods (Image: Moshin Patel)“We work in quite a small space and the toilet area for the staff is quite small, so the inspector said the issue was that with the toilet you have to have a separate opening before you get onto the preparation area, and we didn’t.

“But we had an inspection last year and they didn’t mention that so we are disappointed as I would have sorted a partition wall between them sooner if I had known and it would have been less likely that we got the zero.

“But anyway, after the inspection where we were handed a zero, we got everything sorted and made improvements.

"We asked why it wasn’t a five and the inspector said there is an issue with the outside wall outside of the back yard, which is exposed, but there is only so much we can control, we rent the space, so it isn’t our wall.

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“Everything that was in our control we have sorted, there was a checklist that we ticked off to try and get the highest score possible.

“Getting our zero happened at the busiest time of the year over the Christmas and New Year period and we didn’t have enough work for all the staff because of a fall in customers, it affected the business if I’m honest.

“We have done everything possible to improve our facilities, our zero had nothing to do with the hygiene, it was facilities issues.

“We now have a separate area for the toilet facilities, so a wall has been added with a door which leads to another door that then provides access to the toilet facilities.

The Bolton News: Inside SmashdownInside Smashdown (Image: Moshin Patel)“The sink has been repaired and we have also made improvements to the kitchen with a whole new worktop just so we could get a high mark."

"It has been tough because it affected our rating on Uber and on Just Eat and we had a good customer base on those platforms."

Moshin added: “I feel relieved that we now have a four, the zero was disheartening for all of us at Smashdown and we saw that in our business as well as it had a negative impact.

"But I’m glad we have a four now, although I am gutted it isn’t a five because the wall outside is out of control, but we will try to get that sorted too.

“I am happy we have a four, it is definitely better than a zero.”

Smashdown offers a wide range of delicious foods on their menu including Smash burgers, chicken burgers, chicken wraps, loaded fries and more.

Opening times are 11.30am to 11pm Saturday to Thursday and 4pm to 11pm on Fridays.

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