A desperate man went to the Royal Bolton Hospital,' leaking blood' on the floor, after trying to pull out his own teeth to get ride of the pain he was in, an MP has said.

The shocking case emerged came as part of a debate about access to dentists in the UK.

Barbara Keeley, who represents Worsley and Eccles South, made the revelation when asking a question about this.

She was told by health secretary Victoria Atkins that constituents should go to A&E if they are in a "serious situation" and cannot get an NHS dentist appointment.

The Salford MP said: “I don’t believe what the Secretary of State has described will deal with the complexity of dental problems that are out there.”

Ms Keeley said a constituent of hers had waited five months for an emergency NHS appointment and added: “The amount of pain and infection meant she had to seek private treatment that cost £4,000 but many cannot afford that, including the young man wheeled into Royal Bolton Hospital in great pain, leaking blood on the floor, after trying to remove painful teeth with pliers.

“What does the Health Secretary say to those patients who have long-standing and complex dental problems, who are paying the price for waiting in pain, paying for private treatment, or trying to remove their own teeth?”

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Ms Atkins replied: “I’m really keen to urge the honourable lady because I take that constituency case very seriously, in future if a constituent contacts her with that level of discomfort and pain, she should advise her constituent to contact 111 and if necessary go to accident and emergency.”

She added: “What she has just described is a very serious situation that she needs medical attention and the NHS is there ready and willing to help, that is the advice she should be giving her constituents."

Figures by the Heath and Social Care Committee found that out of 2,104 people, 10 percent were attempting ‘DIY dentistry’ resulting in some disastrous consequences.

More than half of the group carried DIY dentistry out in the last year and 20 per cent said they did so because they could not find an NHS dentist.

Clinical director of Synergy Dental Group, Bolton based Dr Zubair Bagasi, who says he has seen patients walk in after a tooth extraction went wrong at home.

Under new government plans, dentists are to be offered cash to take on new patients and given £20,000 “golden hellos” to work in communities with a lack of NHS dental services under plans to boost dentistry across England.

Around a million people who have not seen a dentist for two or more years are expected to benefit as officials offer a “new patient payment” of £15 to £50.

One-off payments of £20,000 are to be awarded to 240 dentists for working in under-served communities for at least three years, according to the plans, which are expected to increase dental appointments across the country by 2.5 million next year.

But leading dentists said the recovery package will not be enough to help people struggling to access dental care.

This week hundreds of people have been queuing in Bristol after an dentist opened up its books for NHS patients.

Leading dentists said that the queues would be replicated around the country if more practices were taking on NHS patients.

Eddie Crouch, chairman of the British Dental Association (BDA), told the PA news agency: “There are towns across this country where any new practice opening would see a repeat of scenes we saw in Bristol.”