Every week we love to shine the spotlight on some of the best local venues that the borough has to offer, in our Pub of the Week feature.

This week we spoke to the new manager at The Duke of Wellington to see how they are getting on since taking over the pub.

Name of the pub:

The Duke of Wellington

Address of the pub:

60 St John’s Road, Lostock, Bolton, BL6 4HA

The Bolton News: Adam Griffiths, landlord at the Duke of WellingtonAdam Griffiths, landlord at the Duke of Wellington (Image: The Bolton News)Manager’s/Landlord’s name:

Kieron Stallard and landlord Adam Griffiths

How long have you been the manager for? And how are you finding it?

I took over as the new manager in November last year and it’s going really well. I am really enjoying it and getting to know and meet the customers. I have been in and out of the industry for 10 years and used to manage The White Bull in Chorley for about two or three years. A lot of customers have said they like that we have more options since Adam took over eight months ago. A lot of people have asked us to get the food back on.

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Give us some history about the pub:

We are a village pub and there are not many pubs around here apart from this. The closest one is The White Horse, but it’s about a mile away.

The Bolton News: Is food served? If so please describe it or if there are plans to in the future.

We are having the kitchen redone, so we will serve food soon, and the food will be traditional pub style food, which we should be able to serve in the next couple of weeks.

Is there a beer garden? Please describe.

We have quite a big size beer garden and we have lots of BBQ’s in the summer, which are really popular. There are quite a lot of benches for people to enjoy their drinks when the weathers nice. There is also a cover for people to sit under.

What is the most popular drink served and why?

We have a couple that are quite popular. So, Guinness is popular because I think people just enjoy the taste of it and it’s a classic. Carling is also popular, and I think it’s because it’s an easy beer to drink so people can have a few quite quickly and socialise for longer.

The Bolton News: What is the most memorable moment at the pub?

I would probably say during Christmas. I was nervous about getting to know the customers, and it was a bit manic, but everyone was welcoming even though I started at a very busy time.

Do you have an entertainment line-up?

We have a DJ on a Friday night, and a singer on a Sunday afternoon. They are our busiest times of the week.

What are the biggest challenges within the industry/ or your pub and how can you overcome them?

Trying to find that balance of making sure that everyone is having a good time, and making sure everyone is safe.

The Bolton News: What is the best thing about running a pub and why?

The best thing is getting to know people and being your own boss. Getting along with your staff and making sure they are okay is important because the pub won’t run otherwise.

What is the worst thing about running a pub and why?

Sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming if staff are ill and you have loads of hours over Christmas and especially during Covid you end up doing a lot of hours.

What bonus things are offered at the pub? Please explain.

We have karaoke on Fridays, two pool teams on Monday and Wednesday, and a darts team on Monday. We have quite a lot of sports going on in the pub, and we also have Sky Sports.

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