Rare relics from a former industrial powerhouse have been discovered, showing that not all of them have been flushed down the loo. 

From industrial-scale tools to old railway buffers, many interesting and important things have been discovered by Horwich Heritage over the years. 

Many of the items possessed by the group were used or made during the town's former industrial peak. 

However, none are perhaps quite as vital - or mundane - as their new discovery: a toilet and sink set, made in the Horwich Loco Works. 

The Bolton News: The set is believed to have been made in HorwichThe set is believed to have been made in Horwich (Image: Horwich Heritage)

Although it may seem tawdry, this set is important, says Roy Davies of the group. He says he has never seen a full set of Horwich-made sanitary ware before. 

He said: "To find a complete set of three items is quite rare, as many were broken up to be replaced by more modern versions. At the moment they are in my garage awaiting remedial work.

"Our first thoughts are that these were manufactured by a Horwich company called W.R. Pickups & Co, ltd. who acquired the John Crankshaw company based at the junction of Chorley New Road and Mason Street in Horwich.

"They would have been made around the early 1900s and carried names like 'The Emerald' and 'The Sapphire' and are of a very high quality.

The Bolton News: The setThe set (Image: Horwich Heritage)

"This sort of stoneware would have been fitted in most houses in Horwich and the surrounding areas, as people's health and wellbeing was becoming more important as the need to combat diseases became a priority." 

The set was offered to the group by a lady who lives locally who is having her bathroom redone and had no further use for it. 

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The Bolton News: Inscription on the sinkInscription on the sink (Image: Horwich Heritage)

He added: "There are already some items in the Heritage Centre from the same manufacturer and these items will complement them. I hope to have them finished in two to three weeks' time." 

In the second half of the 19th century, the Horwich Locomotive Works was a key factor in the growth of the town, going from around 4,000 people to almost 13,000. 

As its name suggests, the steam locomotive was the main commodity built at the works, but many other industries, such as sanitary ware manufacturers, were also based there.