When it comes to an excursion, the good folk of Bolton have always been quick to sign up.

Whether it’s a day trip to the seaside or a chance to see a show, they are there.

We have delved into the archive and found these photos - all from 1982 - which show various trips and excursions which headed out from Bolton that year.

Whether it was work colleagues, organisations or schools it seems as though everyone wanted to queue up for their coach or bus ready for an exciting day.

The coast appears to have been the number one destination - who doesn’t love a day at the seaside?

In recent years there have been far fewer excursions as people’s working and leisure habits have changed but they will always be fondly remember by so many.

If ou have photos of a day trip organised through workor your local pub in years gone by, we’d love to share them with Looking Back readers.

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