A property site has revealed the types of houses in the UK that are either gaining or losing value, with those in semi-detached houses benefitting the most.

Zoopla has found that semi-detached and terraced houses gained the most value in the last year.

In comparison, flats were languishing at the bottom of the table, the property site shared.

Some 60% of homes either held their value or increased by an average of £7,800, while one in 10 people saw their home's worth rise by 5%, Sky News reported.

The Bolton News: Terraced houses mostly held or gained value in the last yearTerraced houses mostly held or gained value in the last year (Image: PA)

Izabella Lubowiecka, Zoopla's senior property researcher said: "Homes seen as good value for money continued to attract buyer interest, leading to stronger price performance.

"That said, the larger value gains of 5%-plus were equally spread across different property types."

What types of property lost the most value?

Flats were just as likely to lose value as they were to gain or hold it, but larger flats fared better than smaller ones.

Zoopla found that 52% of three-bed flats held or increased in value, compared to 46% of one-bed flats.

Meanwhile, 61% of semi-detached houses and 60% of terraced houses gained or held value in the same time period.

Location also played a large part in value as detached houses were most likely to lose value in the East of England (23%), while in the South East, flats lost the most (25%).

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In terms of the outlook for 2024, Zoopla predicts house prices will decline by 2% across the UK, but this will once again vary depending on where homes are located and the type of property.

Ms Lubowiecka added: "We expect those who saw home value growth in 2023 to see similar increases in 2024.

"Flats and detached homes here are most likely to register further value falls, so if you're planning to sell a home like this in 2024, it's important to set your price at a realistic level right from the start."