Are you a fan of programmes that focus on the emergency services and their response to real life emergencies? Well, if you’ve not watched Ambulance, it could be one for you.

The programme follows a range of the UK’s ambulance services and at the moment, it’s the North West Ambulance Service at the heart of it all.

From paramedics to call handlers, you’ll see how the service operates and provides care for the region’s people.

This week, the BAFTA award-winning series is back with another episode and this is what viewers can expect.

What to expect from this week’s episode of Ambulance

This week, the second episode of the current series will be airing and viewers can expect a variety of emergencies to be featured.

Paramedics Tom and Jodie are called to a category one incident involving someone who has a history of weapons, according to Radio Times.

The Bolton News: The programme also shows the team working in ManchesterThe programme also shows the team working in Manchester (Image: BBC/Dragonfly Film and Television Ltd/Ryan McNamara)

Aaron and Emily, also paramedics, are called to a patient who is in a mental health crisis and has absconded from hospital.

A woman who didn’t realise she was pregnant is in McDonald’s and is in the process of giving birth.

Senior paramedic Aiden responds to a category one emergency for a patient who is believed to have been unconscious and not breathing but is really asleep.

Ambulance response categories explained

A 92-year-old who has had a stroke is finding it difficult to mobilise so is taken to hospital where the ambulance must join the queue of seven others with crew waiting to handover.

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The Radio Times adds that the 12th series follows the ambulance service as the NHS faces strikes and increasing waiting lists.

How to watch this week's Ambulance episode

Whether you’ve watched the other episodes or you’re new to the programme, you’ll be able to watch the new episode this week.

You can tune into BBC One on Wednesday, February 14 at 9pm. You can catch up with previous episodes on BBC iPlayer.