A number of taxi drivers have been pelted with eggs over the weekend in Bolton.

The two private hire vehicles were targeted during the daytime in Tonge Moor and are the latest in a spate of attacks at taxi vehicles.

Another driver, Siraj Patel,  was pelted with eggs at 10pm in Bromley Cross.

Following this Mr Patel has reiterated calls for mandatory stickers to be removed.

Last month members of the Bolton Private Hire Union met with members of Bolton Council to raise the issue.

They said there were a number of troubled spots where their vehicles were attacked including Leverhulme Park in Breightmet, Deane Church Lane in Deane, Tonge Moor Road and Highfield in Farnworth.

Concerns were raised at the time after reports a taxi driver was dragged from their vehicle and beaten in Heaton.

Mr Patel said he  and another driver with pelted with eggs on Darwen Road, Bromley Cross, near a bus stop.

And video has emerged of two taxi drivers having eggs thrown at them near the Railway Bridge on Tonge Moor Road.

The group of youths can be seen throwing the items on a video.

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Mr Patel, who is also a member of the union, spoke about the incident and said he wanted stickers removed.

He said: “Youths on Darwen Road threw eggs at us.

“I had a passenger in at the time.

“They threw eggs at us because they knew we were taxi drivers, they recognised us because of the stickers.

“We are always targeted from this area. It is normally between 7pm and 10.30pm.

“There are other bad spots, such as  on Tonge Moor Road.

“They should get rid of the need for stickers.

“If you use an app to book a Taxi how do you recognise it?

“You recognise it from the make of the vehicle and the registration plate, you do not need a sticker as well as this.”