A Bolton resident has hit out at the state of a property on his street where rubbish has piled up after the occupant left.

In one of the properties on Beechcroft Avenue, Darcy Lever, a large amount of big bags have built up.

The previous occupant left around three months ago.

But now bed mattresses, crisp wrappers, carrier bags and bin bags have built up in the area in and out of the skip.

The property is run by Bolton at Home.

The Bolton News: The rubbish has built up for months

Brian Greenhalgh has lived on the street for most of his life.

He hit out at the state of it.

He said: "About two to three months ago the resident left. There were around four bags of rubbish after this.

"Now there is a lot of rubbish. If you went round to the house of someone and the next door looked like this what would you think?

"We have contacted Bolton at Home multiple times.

"They keep saying they will send someone down to clear it up but it just never happens.

"I have had them promise me they would come down the next day.

The Bolton News: There is only one property affected

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The 81-year-old retired man added: "I have lived here for 50 years and I was brought up on the street, it is just sad to see.

"It is not the worst thing I have seen but it is bad.

"It is an eyesore.

"People on the street are upset about it, there are young children in the house next door."

Bolton at Home explained why it was hard to deal with the issue.

A spokesperson said: “We’ve been made aware of a skip that has been left by a previous tenant at Beechcroft Avenue. We’re working with the skip company to arrange a date for removal as soon as practically possible.

“We can’t remove the skip ourselves due to the size and specialist equipment required; but, in the meantime, our debris team has visited the property and cleaned around the skip to make sure the area is as clean and presentable as possible.”