Westhoughton councillors say it is ‘great news’ that potholes in the area are being repaired - but there are other hot spot areas where roads also need resurfacing.

Multiple potholes have been repaired on St George's Avenue recently after residents in the area raised their concerns.

According to Cllr Neil Maher, the potholes were about eight inches deep.

Church Lane and Wingates Lane are also set to be resurfaced, weather permitting, from February 26 which will take approximately two weeks.

And Liberal Democrat councillors in the area say this is ‘great news’ as the road is in ‘terrible condition’.

As well as roads needing repairs, Cllr David Wilkinson came across a large deep hole on the pavement on Dicconson Lane, which he has reported to the council.

To show the severity of the hole and the dangers it would cause if someone didn’t see it on approach, Cllr Wilkinson stood in the hole which came up to his knee.

Cllr Wilkinson, said: “It is a good thing that the potholes are being repaired and some roads are being resurfaced.

“We have a long list of roads in Westhoughton that either have pothole issues or they actually need to be completely ripped up and  need redoing, but the budget is stretched so we don’t have the capacity to fix them all at once.

“It is highly frustrating for the residents as well as the councillors.

“Potholes can be dangerous; they can also cause damage to your vehicle if you’re driving over one that is about eight inches deep.

“We also have the problem of certain roads being in very poor condition which would need a full resurface including a long section of St George's Avenue, Lord Street, parts of Green Fold Lane and more.

“The sheer volumes of traffic are causing the potholes and the damage as well as large HGVs.

The Bolton News: Cllr Neil Maher with the pothole on St Georges AvenueCllr Neil Maher with the pothole on St Georges Avenue (Image: My Westhoughton - Liberal Democrats)Read more of our top stories here:

“I believe two of three extremely bad potholes on St George's Avenue have been repaired now, which were about eight inches deep.

“Potholes occur in that area because it is a 1960’s road so it has about two inches of tarmac and underneath that is a packed road so once the tarmac goes, you’re into the foundations.

“The roads were built completely differently in those days compared to today, they’re outdated, so once you get through the tarmac the roads disintegrate very quickly.

“I also came across a large hole in the pavement on Dicconson Lane it is a large hole which is about nine inches deep.

“I called the out of hours team and they have said they will attend to sort it.

“People do go along that road, walkers, runners, and dog walkers and if you put your foot in there it goes up to your knee.

“If you fell into it, you would break your leg, it can also be dangerous for people on bikes as not seeing it in time could cause an accident.

“We have asked for works on some potholes, we hope we can get more done too.”

A spokesperson for Bolton Council said: “The council maintains 1014km of roads and all are subject to surveys, inspections, and repairs on various intervals, but at least annually.

“The strategy for highway maintenance is set out in Bolton Council Highway Asset Management Policy and Strategy 2020.

“Our investigatory levels are consistent with all other Greater Manchester highway authorities and in line with the industry’s recommendations.

“The investigatory levels are used as a guide and form part of the risk assessment when assessing whether a defect needs to be identified and programmed for repair in line with the council’s risk-based approach.

“Roads and pavements will normally have some unevenness, bumps, and small holes here and there, but it does not follow that the highway is then inherently dangerous and we encourage all drivers to drive with due care and attention.

“Issues can be reported to the council either on the website, Potholes, road and pavement problems – Bolton Council, or if an emergency by telephone, Friday 8am - 4pm via our Streetcare Hotline: 01204 336600, and at all other times on 01204 336900.”

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