A new artist has recreated some of Bolton’s most iconic buildings as 3D clay models.

Verona Medhurst, from Bolton, has impressed people with her intricate designs of Bolton’s past and present buildings.

These include, the Ye Olde Pastie Shoppe, Ye Olde Man & Scythe, Hall i' th' Wood Museum, the Lower Nags Head Hotel, and the Astoria Palais De-danse.

Verona said: “I focus on Bolton buildings and especially ones that are gone like the Palais De-Danse and the last thing it was, was the IKON. It was an old dance hall.

“When it was IKON I knew it, but some of the things I have done are still there.

“I am Bolton born and bred and I go to a history group, the Cotton Queens, where we talk about people like Samuel Crompton, who invented the spinning mule.

The Bolton News: Verona Medhurst art

“It’s a great hobby I do every time I am at home, and I love doing it as it is nice to have things for people to remember.”

Last year, Verona presented Rock Hall with their own model to support them in their campaign to save it, which was successful.

Verona has since completed models on Crompton’s three homes including his birthplace and where he died.

She said: “I only started this year so thought it would be nice to do some that bring back memories to people.

“The Lower Nags Head hotel is now a Santander for example.

The Bolton News: Verona Medhurst art

“The interest has been good with people asking where they can see them so hopefully the council can find somewhere to place them.”

Verona’s hobby started in April when she joined an art group, and they started out making fairy houses.

She said: “I find a building then look online for old photographs, print them out. There are no great measurements, everything is just done by eye.

The Bolton News: Verona Medhurst art

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“I get all my bases from Seven Acres Men In Sheds, who are amazing and always willing to do it for me.

“I have a lot of ill health and have a brain tumour, and this helps and is so therapeutic. I love doing it.”

Verona is hoping to do a model about Le Mans Crescent at some point, but says this needs more planning as she has to work quickly with the clay before it dries.