Police including a Crime Scene Investigation van have been called out to a scene at a set of football fields this evening.

Officers are believed to have been called to the Amblecote Playing Fields just on the border of Farnworth and Little Hulton off Cleggs Lane at around 4.30pm on Sunday evening,

They were still on the scene of the largely deserted playing fields long into the evening after the sky had darkened but appeared to be preparing to leave after around 8pm.

An eyewitness passing by earlier that evening said: “Police and forensic tents are up just as you go into Little Hulton.

The Bolton News: A CSI van was calledA CSI van was called (Image: GMP)

“The football fields are all taped up near the bridge as you go from Farnworth to Little Hulton.”

The road is often used by drivers travelling from Farnworth and Bolton in Little Hulton and deeper into Salford.

Other passers by did not know what may have happened that prompted the officers’ arrival.

The Bolton News: Officers remained at the darkened scene for some timeOfficers remained at the darkened scene for some time (Image: Newsquest)

But a police car and a CSI van were both still in place later in the evening as officers appeared to be investigating the playing fields.

They appear to have spent at least four hours at the site off Cleggs Lane.

Greater Manchester Police have been approached for comment.