By day she helps Bolton's most vulnerable and by night she has people in stitches.

Maura Jackson who appeared in her underwear discussing her 20-stone, size 24 body, her sex life and menopause on Channel 4’s Naked Education in 2023 held her sell out one woman show recently with an audience of 320 at the Octagon Theatre.

And now she has more dates lined up in Bolton to treat audiences to a night of stories and stand up comedy.

She was supported by other local comedians Adam Anwar and Sarah Louise Keegan. The event was sponsored by Cura Accounting and Millstone Insurance services.

Maura, 53 is an award winning charity boss in her role as CEO of young homeless charity BACKUP North West she has 33 years in social care and over this last 12 months she has taken to using her comedy as a way of fundraising for the charity.

In 2024 she is taking her comedy on the road and Leicester, York, Rhyl and Lancaster are next.

Maura has dealt with many social issues during her own life but she said a sense of survival and the ability to laugh at herself has brought her through.

Now, she shares her telling and often hilarious life experiences with audiences as a stand-up comedian who, in just 15 months, has earned thousands of fans across the country, after she dared herself to do it, facing her fears and doing it anyway.

Her comedy nights with numerous other comedians in Bolton will take place:

March 1 Railway Pub Bromley Cross

March 7 Spice Valley Horwich

March 9 Markland Hill Tennis Club