A business networking event designed to inspire start-ups to seven figure founders is coming to Bolton.

The BIG Festoon takes place on on March 21 and 22 at the Premier Suite at the Wanderers Stadium.

It is  designed to inspire, motivate, educate and entertain while helping you to grow your business.

Created by North West based International Speaking Coach, best-selling author, and mum of three, Dani Wallace, the event now in its fourth year has grown from an initial 40 people at The Impossible in central Manchester to now expanding to 800 guests in Bolton.

Speaking about the event, Dani, 40, said: “I remember reading about a survey (from the British Association for the Advancement of Science) which said that Boltonians are the friendliest people in Britain.

"This is the vibe I am bringing to this event - open arms - where people can ‘come home’ no matter where they are from.”

The BIG Festoon is actively inviting people from diverse backgrounds and marginalised communities, who often feel excluded from big mainstream events ‘to come to the party’, reassuring them it’s safe for them to do so.

Dani said: “Initially I set this event up to celebrate the voices of female entrepreneurs - to give them a platform as many were still not being heard in the business space -especially on speaking circuits, which I had experienced myself.

“As I have grown my business and grown as a person, I have been introduced to, and indeed immersed in, other cultures and communities which I recognise need support to be heard and celebrated.

“Having grown up singing in clubs and pubs and travelling the world as a professional singer, I have always been an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community.

“Making my events a safe space for all has become a key focus in helping people from underrepresented communities be seen. Helping them see other people like them take up space, be well-received and welcomed with open arms is part of my mission.”

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One of the keynote speakers on this year’s line-up representing the LGBTQIA+ community is former X-Factor star Dylan Holloway, winner of music show Project Icon, which saw him hit the charts making music with Jason Derulo.

Dani said: “This isn’t your usual business event - what we explore here are subjects that matter on a very human level - not just on a business level.

“We talk fears, and limiting beliefs, money blocks and marketing and we also talk about what it takes to succeed and over these two days it’s my job to help everyone in that audience to see how they can slay their own dragons, so that they can grow, and walk away more confident and more ready to take their place in the world.

“With talks spanning topics from education to energy, mindset to mental health, and sales to self-sabotage, this event creates conversations that matter.

“We see so many lightbulb moments year on year, and we’ve had people quitting their jobs live on stage and committing to following their dreams -it’s powerful stuff!”

Tickets are available via https://www.thebigfestoon.co.uk/ and there are a couple of sponsorship slots left if any businesses would like to be a part of this too. For more information email bookings@iatqb.com.

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