A Bolton MP has dramatically broken ranks with his own party to call for a ceasefire in Gaza, saying Israel has “gone too far.”

Mark Logan, Conservative MP for Bolton North East, said he could no longer support the government’s line on the conflict in Gaza and southern Israel.

This comes after months of conflict that has prompted mass protests on the streets of Bolton.

Addressing the House of Commons, Mr Logan said: “With 28,000 people now dead in Gaza, 11,500 children, playing around with words is just playing around with people’s lives, and Israel has gone too far.

“It is disproportionate. It has not just gone too far today, it has gone too far already for months on end.”

The Bolton News: Thousands of people have turned out to pro-Palestine protests in Bolton in recent monthsThousands of people have turned out to pro-Palestine protests in Bolton in recent months (Image: Henry Lisowski)

The devastating conflict has had major repercussions in Bolton, where the town centre has hosted a series of pro-Palestinian demonstration's since last October.

In November grandmother Bernadette Gallagher and Florence Hill held a vigil on the town hall steps for the children killed in the conflict.

Now Mr Logan has added his voice to those calling for an end to the fighting.

He added: “Members on my own side of the House have talked about how this is merely symbolic or it is virtue signalling, but at the end of the day we are MPs not to fix potholes, we are MPs not to follow up with our next door neighbour ‘the hedge has grown into my garden’.

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“That is not what we are here for, we are here to protect lives, and this is the opportunity today to call for an immediate ceasefire.

“Yes, it may just be signalling to an extent, but that signal has to be given to what we see as one of our close allies, Israel, in the region.

“That has to happen today because in times gone by, with the United States back 20 years ago with Iraq, we thought we were doing the ‘good friend thing’ to go along with the United States. No, the better friend says no, this must stop now, this must stop today.

“So a ceasefire must happen now, and so I no longer in good conscience can continue on backing in public the line that we have taken on this side of the House, regrettably.”

Another demonstration will be held in Bolton on Saturday February 24, starting at 1pm on Queens Park.