It is one of the region's most popular attractions - and on a day like this many will be hiking to the Pike.

Most will stop to explore Rivington's Japanese gardens, the ruins and to follow the hidden paths carved in the hillside, as well as stop to take in the mysterious Pigeon Tower, before heading to the top to enjoy the glorious views.

The sunken gardens with the Pigeon Tower are well-known and intriguing landmarks - but the magic does not stop there.

For there is so much more to be seen and explored in the wild, and in some cases semi- ancient, landscape in and around Rivington, not least the spectacular Tiger Clough waterfall.

The waterfall loved by locals remains pretty much a hidden gem.

Yet it is only a short walk from the Rivington Reservoir car park and through a wooded ravine.

It may not be the biggest cascade but as many will testify it certainly enchanting and has a charm of its own.

The Bolton News: Tigers Clough. Picture Nick Haworth

Crooked Edge Waterfall is nearby and worth a visit too.

Parking is at Rivington Reservoir car park and is a 20 minute walk to the spot.

Rivington is also home to semi-ancient unspoilt woodland, an arboretum and much more.

The Bolton News: Tigers Clough. Picture Nick Haworth

So next time you hike to the pike just take a minute to look around and see what you can find.

The Gardens themselves were originally created for soap magnate Lord Leverhulme as a spectacular venue for him to relax in and entertain. Situated on the hillside below Rivington Pike, the Gardens were designed by noted landscape designer Thomas Mawson between 1905-1922.

More information about the fascinating area, loved by local celebrities, including Paddy McGuinness and Mark Radcliffe, can be found at the Great House Visitor Centre.

The Bolton News: Tigers Clough. Picture Nick Haworth

As well as finding maps, walking guides and books here at the Visitor Centre, there will be exhibits about the local area – the reservoirs, Rivington Village and Liverpool Castle.

Great House Visitor Centre is at Rivington Lane, Rivington BL6 7SB.

These pictures of Tiger Clough were taken by Bolton Camera Club member Nick Haworth.