A drug dealer crashed as he attempted to escape the police in the car of his partner, who went on to lie to her insurance company about the vehicle. 

Ryan Lowe, 22, and Kirsty Williams, 25, appeared at Bolton Crown Court on Monday, February 26. 

Lowe, now of Kestrel Avenue, Swinton, had previously pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply charges for multiple types of drug, as well as dangerous driving. 

Williams, now of Heywood Street, Swinton, had pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice and fraud. 

Prosecuting, Katie Walden said: "At around 9.55pm on February 4, 2020, a liveried police patrol saw a Peugeot 108 along Bolton Road, Swinton. 

"A police pursuit then ensued after the vehicle failed to stop, after the full emergency equipment was activated on the police vehicle indicating for the vehicle to stop. 

"The vehicle proceeded to drive dangerously, overtaking other vehicles on the opposing carriageway at speeds of 80mph on the 30mph road." 

The Peugeot then crashed into bushes while attempting to turn into Clifton Country Park. 

She added: "The sole male occupant of the vehicle then fled on foot over a large grassed area, making good his escape. The vehicle was subsequently recovered. 

"The vehicle was checked on the Police National Computer and found to be registered and insured to Kirsty Williams. 

"On the same day, at 10.21pm, Kirsty Williams contacted the police informing them that her vehicle had been stolen by an unknown person from an address on Manchester Road, Kearsley. 

The Bolton News: Ryan LoweRyan Lowe (Image: Newsquest)

"When police came to her house, she told officers that she had been in the shower with her front door unlocked, during this time her car was stolen." 

Forensic analysis found Lowe's fresh blood in the car, as well as cell data finding Mr Lowe's phone as having followed the route taken during the chase. 

Ms Walden added: "On February 7, Miss Williams called Aviva insurance to make a claim for her stolen vehicle." 

Aviva paid her car financer £6,201, although later sold the Peugeot for £1,939.50 upon finding out the claim was false. At the time of the hearing, the fraud had cost Aviva £4597.90. 

On May 8, 2020, police carried out a warrant at the address on Manchester Road, Kearsley. 

They found cannabis valuing around £400 to £830, cocaine between the values of £600 and £1,750 and MDMA of £120 to £280 in value. 

Ketamine, THC, a cardboard box of nitrous oxide and digital scales were also found, as well as £1,940 in cash. 

A phone with text messages relating to drug deals between November 2019 and spring/summer 2020 was also seized. 

Williams was arrested on July 16, 2020 and two phones were recovered. 

Ms Walden said: "She was asked if she had a vehicle, to which she responded 'I DON’T HAVE ONE, SOMETHING TO DO WITH RYAN, HE BORROWED AND CRASHED IT'. 

"Investigation of her call logs shows ingoing and outgoing calls to Mr Lowe around the time the vehicle was being reported stolen to the police, and after it had been taken by him." 

She then offered a full account in interview. She initially stated she "didn’t know he had taken her vehicle", but conceded she had spoken to him during the chase and begged him to pull over. 

Lowe was arrested and interviewed on April 1, 2021. 

Defending Lowe, Hugh Barton highlighted his guilty pleas to all of the offences at the first available opportunity. 

The Bolton News: Kirsty WilliamsKirsty Williams (Image: Newsquest)

He said: "He does have some issues with communication, he has a background of ADHD." 

He also pointed to his young age at the time of the offences, being only 19 years old. 

Mr Lowe added: "His health declined dramatically, as he has had his bladder removed, a life-changing procedure for him. 

"He has now given up all drug use and has cleaned up his life. He has tried to be the best father to his two young children." 

He also highlighted Lowe's drug habits at the time of the offences, and that it had been around four years since they took place at the time of the hearing. 

Defending Williams, Estelle Parkhouse also highlighted her guilty plea at the first opportunity. 

She said: "In a two-hour interview, she provided police with an account of her wrongdoing. 

"It has been over four years she has been waiting - she has learned her salutary lesson. 

"As a teaching assistant, she has been working full time having taken it up in April 2023." 

Ms Parkhouse highlighted the probation report, which states her impulsivity in her actions. She also stressed how Williams' four-year-old son isn't affected, as she is his primary carer. 

She also pointed our Williams' health issues, living with Crohn's disease, something which is exacerbated by stress. 

Concluding, Judge Elliot Knopf sentenced Lowe to two years' imprisonment, suspended for two years. 

He highlighted the seriousness of his offences, but took into account the time that had surpassed since they were committed, and his health issues. 

Judge Knopf added: "If you get involved in any further drugs offences in the future, through that door in the back you will go, do you understand that?" 

He also sentenced him to 30 days' rehab requirement, an unpaid work requirement of 200 hours and a two year driving ban, subject to an extended retest. 

Judge Knopf sentenced Williams to 10 months' imprisonment, suspended for a year. 

He cited the delay in sentencing and that she is the primary carer for her son as reasons in her favour, but reiterated that her offences were "very serious". 

He also ordered her to pay back the £4597.90 owed to Aviva, as well as a £600 fine.