Inspirational Bolton women were invited to the House of Lords to shape future opportunities for the next generation.

More than a dozen women were invited by the 100 Club, an organisation which is dedicated to empowering and supporting women, to visit the Palace of Westminster, to discuss the challenges and opportunities they and their peers face today.

A 100 women took part in the day designed to celebrate their achievements and foster discussions on ways to further empower women globally.

The Bolton News: Victoria Ekanoye  with Lisa Forshaw

Open to women from various sectors, including technology, finance, healthcare, and more, the 100 Club is committed to creating an inclusive and equitable environment for all.

Among the guests was Loose Women's Brenda Edwards, actor and breast cancer survivor Victoria Ekanoye, and Brooke Vincent.

Additionally, global fashion designer Zeynep Kartal joined the even adding her unique perspective to the discussions.

Lisa Forshaw, PR consultant from Bolton, was among those attending.

She spoke about the message behind the T-shirts she is launching with the word change- to encourage people to talk about the menopause and other issues.

The delegates had a chance to tour the House of Lords.

The Bolton News: Lisa Forshaw and others in London

She said: "It was such a fascinating tour; the architecture is incredible and you learn so much."

Lisa added: "The afternoon tea as part of the Top 100 Women’s Club, was truly inspiring and I can’t wait join forces with some of the brilliant minds that we met.

"I met some wonderful women and I have been invited to go on a podcast and talk about the T-shirts, which are designed to encourage people to talk - people just do not talk about issues.

"Those there loved them, and said the message was so important for everyone and all communities."

Those who attended from Bolton were Jenna Louise, Sharon Baily, Shusma Solanki Jennifer Cunningham, Stacey Withington and Becca Massy