Two men have been arrested on suspicion of a violent disorder and possession of a firearm following an incident in the early hours yesterday.

Yewdale Gardens in Breightmet was taped throughout yesterday, after police say a firearm was discharged.

Officers believe the incident was a “targeted attack” with “no wider risks” to the community.

The men aged 37 and 43 are now in police custody, and officers say enquiries remain ongoing.

Police have since stepped-up patrols in the area whilst they continue their investigation.

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A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said: “Two men aged 37 and 43 were arrested overnight on suspicion of violent disorder and contrary to section 16A of the Firearms Act.

“They both remain in police custody.

“Officers believe this was a targeted attack with no wider risks to the community.

“Extra resources will be out patrolling the local area and officers are continuing with their investigation.”

A resident said that the cordon was lifted around 7pm, and that police left the scene at 9pm.

Robert Weall – who lives on the street – says he witnessed the incident unfold from his bedroom window, and says it was scary hearing two “gunshots” fired.

Speaking to The Bolton News yesterday, he said: “I heard two gunshots and I saw the shots being fired at a neighbour’s door, from my window.

“At the time it was scary because this has never happened at all on this street, and I’ve been living here for about eight to nine years.

“Quite a few people have been concerned about what it was.”

Robert says he also saw armed police on the scene along with six unmarked and marked police vehicles, as well as forensics.

His mum Louise initially thought the loud sound was fireworks and says she has mixed feelings about safety because of not knowing what will happen next.

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