Diseased and dangerous trees are to be felled across Farnworth and Kearsley.

Tree maintenance work in the area will get underway soon, which will also include pruning branches, where necessary.

Cllr Tracey Wilkinson said trees are one of ‘biggest’ complaints they receive from residents and it is ‘great’ to hear they are receiving some much needed attention.

Cllr  Wilkinson said: “For information contractors are due to start a contract of tree safety works within the highways in the Kearsley and Farnworth areas.

“This is safety works to fell dead, diseased or dangerous trees and prune others where required.

“Trees are up there with one of the biggest complaints we receive from residents.

“It is great to hear that some of our local trees across Farnworth and Kearsley are receiving some much needed attention over the next few weeks.

“For any information regarding the tree maintenance works, contact neighbourhoodservicesinbox@bolton.gov.uk.”

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It has not yet been confirmed which areas of Farnworth or Kearsley the works will take place or if road closures will be needed.

This comes just weeks after works took place in Queens Park to fell a number of trees due to Ash Dieback disease.

Tree surgeons cut down trees in Queens Park on Sunday, January 28.

According to council officials, the trees needed to be cut down due to the disease which first impacts the top of the tree – representing a ‘serious risk’ of branches falling.

Ash trees along the side of the M61 were also felled recently after it was found they had the Ash dieback fungus. 

Surveys by National Highways specialists found many Ash trees alongside the M61 were deteriorating.

Ash dieback is a highly destructive fungal tree disease that causes leaf loss, dead branches, and canopy decline. 

Almost a quarter of trees in the grounds of Bolton Parish Church had to be felled in 2020 after contracting the deadly fungus.

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