Police have issued advice to victims of burglaries which could help catch the suspect.

Officers say that the want to have the best possible chance of finding the person who entered the home and the best way to do this is by preserving it as a scene before Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) can attend and examine the property for potential evidence.

And it only takes a few simple measures which could strengthen and build the case for officers to then investigate.

A spokesperson for GMP’s Crime Scene Investigation team said: “We understand how impactive burglary is as a crime, and we want to make as many people as we can aware of what you can do to preserve your home in the unfortunate event you are burgled, and we have a few simple steps you can do to help us to help you with finding who is responsible.

“Firstly, the point of entry into your home, whether it be a broken door or an open window, try to minimize how many times you touch this area as much as possible, but we understand that your home needs to be secured as the burglary could have happened during the night.

“If any windows or doors have been left open, use plastic gloves or your hand wrapped with a plastic bag to avoid the transfer of evidence and use the door handle or window handles to close them with gloves.

“If your door needs to be secured or boarded up for any reason, this may be done by an external company, who are already aware of the importance of the preservation of evidence, but just ensure whoever is doing this puts on a pair of plastic gloves to prevent adding any more fingerprints to the scene.

The Bolton News: Investigations after a burglary

“In the event the the door or window is removed completely and placed outside of your address, just place this inside for us, so it is somewhere dry and accessible for when we arrive, again, do this by wearing plastic gloves or covering your hand with a plastic bag.

“If you see any visible footprints in the property or outside, please avoid these areas and place a clean container over them to ensure they are not walked over.

“If there are any items left outside your home that may have been touched or moved out of their usual place by offenders and it is a rainy or wet weather outside, use plastic gloves or a plastic bag over your hand to move them to a dry place and let us know where it was moved from when CSI arrive.

“In the case of blood that is found in your home that may be the offender’s, again, if this is in a place where you will need to walk to get around your home, ensure that you place a clean container over any traces of blood to ensure it is not contaminated before CSI arrive.

“And lastly, it goes without saying that tackling burglary is a force priority for GMP and we strive to constantly improve the service we provide for victims and how we can robustly tackle this awful crime.”

Anyone with information that will help us to bring burglars and handlers of stolen goods to justice is encouraged to contact ourselves either via the LiveChat or reporting function on our website or by calling 101. You can also pass on information anonymously through CrimeStoppers by calling 0800 555 111. Always dial 999 in an emergency.