A chemical leak at a business premises in Trafford Park led to a major incident declared by emergency services.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP), North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) all rushed to the Lanxess building on Tenax Road at around 9am today (Monday, March 4) and a 300m cordon was put in place.

Nearby roads were closed and residents and businesses in the area were told to close all doors and windows following the leakage of phosphorus oxychloride, a toxic and corrosive substance which can affect humans if breathed in.

Emergency services were in attendance for hours before the incident was stood down after 2pm, with GMP saying emergency responders had managed to contain the chemical leak within the industrial site before it would be "dissipated".

NWAS confirmed that one person was taken to hospital for further assessment.

AS IT HAPPENED: Major incident following chemical leak at Trafford Park premises

In a statement, a spokesperson for Lanxess said: "During the unloading of a supplier's tanker truck, a chemicals leak occurred on the factory premises in Trafford Park, Manchester at around 9 am on March 4."

Lanxess is a German specialty chemicals company which opened its premises in Trafford on Christmas Eve 1939.

The Trafford Park site develops flame retardants, lubrication/hydraulic fluid additives, and water-treatment chemicals.

In total, 12 fire engines attended the scene, with firefighters from GMFRS wearing breathing apparatus are working alongside site staff and other emergency services to contain the incident.

When NWAS reached the scene, more than a dozen people were assessed and accounted for while the leak was being dealt with.

After the cordon was lifted, Trafford Council said the risk to the public had been determined to be low, however, if anyone in the area were to suffer symptoms including breathlessness, wheezing or the bluing of lips and fingers, they should seek medical help via 111 online.