A Bolton scout group is celebrating a 100 years of being prepared.

The 24th Farnworth Scout Group was set up in 1924 on March 7 and to celebrate the group will be hosting a special event on March 17.

The group, which was first named the 1st Kearsley (St. Stephen’s) Scout Group, said they are ‘excited’ to celebrate this anniversary and look back at all the amazing memories that have been made.

Stuart Savage, 38, Group Scout Leader at 24th Farnworth Scout Group, said: “We are feeling excited as the centenary approaches, it is a big achievement for the group as it has been going for so long and it will be good to reminisce with people who have been involved with the group over the years at our event, we have people attending who were part of the group in the 1970’s.

“We currently have roughly about 23 members in total so that is cubs and scouts from age eight to 14 and we have eight leaders and assistants along with our trustees and supporters.

“All positions in our group are filled by volunteers.

“We are excited to celebrate our anniversary on March 17, we are holding a celebration at our Scout Hut from 1pm to 4.30pm for former members, leaders, and helpers to join us and we’re putting out pictures, documents, and memorabilia from our history.

“We will also be celebrating our centenary after this event throughout the year, basing activities on the centenary.

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“We have also created commemorative badges that our scouts and cubs will wear.

“The scouts and cubs are also excited to be celebrating the centenary as we get more things together for the event.

“I think it is exciting for them because it is a historic thing they have been involved in.”

Stuart said the scout group was established from a fathers and sons gymnastics club.

He said: “The group first formed on March 7, 1924, and was registered with the Scouts Association as well.

“The group was originally called 1st Kearsley (St. Stephen’s) Scout Group from 1924 to the 1970’s when we merged with the Farnworth District and changed name to 24th Farnworth.

The Bolton News: Scout hut opening in 1981Scout hut opening in 1981 (Image: 24th Farnworth Scout Group)“The actual scout group came from a gymnastics club that was running for fathers and sons in the area and they then decided to form the scout group then, at the time there were 25 members.

“They began as the 1st Kearsley scout group and then in the 1970’s they became the 24th Farnworth when we moved with the Farnworth district.

“We then opened our own headquarters in 1981.”

Stuart said the group has had too many highlights over the years to name them all, but they are looking forward to what this next year will bring.

He said: “We have had many highlights over the years including going on many camping trips, opening our own scouting hut in the 1980’s, we have had lots of activities that the children have been involved in and we will continue to do that going into the centenary year.

“We have a camp lined up in June and we will be holding some other activities involving some of the parents as well.

“We do a range of activities including teaching skills such as fire lighting, axe and knife work, pioneering such as knot tying, first aid training, lots of craft activities as well as other skills they learn throughout.”

For more information or to apply to be a member of the group, go to: bswfscouts.org.uk.

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