Concerns have been raised over plans to install telegraph poles in a part of Bromley Cross.

Residents staged a meeting this week with local councillors Cllr Nadim Muslim, Cllr Amy Cohen, and Cllr Sam Connor, after notices were posted on a number of lampposts on The Hall Coppice.

Their issues are that the wooden poles will impact on the look of the area and there was no need for them as neighbours say they already have fast internet in the area.

Around 50 people turned up - and with only about 70 properties on the estate Cllr Nadim said the turnout reflects the strength of feeling of people.

The Bolton News: Bromley Cross resident meeting

He said: “We were keen to speak to residents as soon as possible.

“Residents are concerned about the look, which will affect the street scene.

“We do share residents’ concerns and understand why they feel this way.

“We have said that we can’t promise anything, so don’t want to give false hope, but we will do what we can to challenge Openreach and come to something workable for everybody, and make sure their voices are being heard.”

A spokesperson for Openreach said they will takes residents' concerns into account “as much as possible while keeping to local planning rules and balancing cost and safety considerations”.

Cllr Nadim said underground cables were installed around a year ago.

Cllr Nadim said: “None of the residents feel they need fibre optic broadband because they already have it.

“We appreciate that legislation is on their side, under permitted development, but there are a lot more conversations and questions to be had.

“There is a national petition on this to change the law, and I would encourage all to sign it so it can be taken to Parliament.”

The Bolton News: Bromley Cross resident meeting

A spokesperson for Openreach said: “Our engineers are working to bring ultrafast broadband to Bolton, which will create huge benefits for families and businesses in the area as well as a welcome boost to the local economy.

“We use our existing poles and underground ducts wherever we can to build our broadband upgrades and we’re aware that new poles can have a visual impact, so we take that into account as much as possible while keeping to local planning rules and balancing cost and safety considerations.

“We haven’t received any formal objections to our plans on The Hall Coppice but will revisit build plans and engage with local residents to decide the best way forward.”

Residents can make any objections by following the formal process outlined in the notices.

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