Young people developed their team building skills during a visit to Legoland.

The popular attraction is used by schools to enhance pupils' personal skills to create a good foundation for learning.

Nine pupils from Harper Green School took part in the the innovative Lego Therapy Intervention at Legoland in Manchester, organised by the school’s Learning Hub.

During the session, young people worked together developing communication and team working skills.

Mark McKay, Assistant SENDCo at Harper Green School, said: “During our visit, students engaged in hands-on activities, constructing Lego racing cars and competing on Lego tracks. "The 4D cinema provided a multi-sensory experience, showcasing Lego animations, and there was an abundance of Lego for creative building.

"Our students demonstrated the 'We are Harper' values to the highest standard, making the trip a huge success, and we look forward to returning to Legoland in the future.”

The Farnworth school prides itself in providing support which covers everything from communication and interaction, cognition and learning, social, emotional, and mental health, and sensory and/or physical difficulties.

The Learning Hub provides one-to-one support, small group interventions, and specialist teaching, to accelerate the progress of students and regularly utilises Lego as a distinctive teaching tool to develop vital skills such as communication, teamwork, and turn-taking among students.