Police found this suspected drugs stash in a stolen car after the driver fled on foot.

Neighbourhood officers were patrolling the Chorley New Road, Horwich, area as part of a week of action operation, when they spotted the motorist they wanted to talk to.

Police believe the find to be suspected Class A and B drugs.

They are confident they will catch up with the driver thanks to CCTV - and have the conversation he did not want.

A spokesman for GMP Bolton West said: " As part of the neighbourhood week of action, officers from the Bolton west team were patrolling the Chorley New Road corridor last night.

"Officers spotted a driver they wanted to speak to but the driver didn't seem to want to hang about and made off on foot.

"It soon became apparent as to why. The vehicle was showing as stolen and inside the vehicle there was a quantity of what is suspect to be Class A and Class B drugs, along with cash.

"A clear facial image of the male has been obtained from local CCTV so we will be making attempts to have the conversation with him that he clearly wanted to avoid!

"In the mean time we have recovered the car which we will reunite to the lawful owner."

Neighbourhood response officers from the same neighbourhood division were involved in a short pursuit with a vehicle around Westhoughton earlier this morning.

The Bolton News: Police stop car in Westhoughton

A spokesman said: "The driver abandoned the vehicle but officers located it just off Bolton Road. The vehicle has been recovered and enquiries are ongoing to identify the driver."