Several major supermarkets have increased their rate of pay over recent months but how much does each one pay?

Aldi, Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's are among the retailers who have recently increased their wages.

The rise is part of preparations for the incoming national living wage increase which is set to be introduced in April.

From April 1, workers will see National Living Wage rise from £10.42 an hour to £11.44.

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Currently, National Living Wage is paid to workers aged 23 and over.

However, it will be extended to those aged 21 and over in April.

The rise also affects the National Minimum Wage and Apprentice rates.

Workers aged 18 to 20 years will see their wages increase from £7.49 to £8.60 an hour.

Meanwhile, people under 18 years will see their rates go from £5.28 an hour to £6.40.

Additionally, apprentice rates will also rise from £5.28 to £6.40. 

How much do UK supermarkets pay?


Recently, Aldi announced its second pay rise of the year.

In February, the supermarket revealed wages were being upped to £12.

The new minimum pay rates for staff were in line with the Real Living Wage set by the Living Wage Foundation (LWF) in October 2023.

Pay for store assistants and deputy store managers is set to increase nationwide for the second time this year hiking to £12.40.

Meanwhile, Aldi workers in London will see their pay rates rise from £13.55 to £13.65.

The new pay rates will be introduced from June 1 2024.


Asda has also announced a hike to its wages this year.

The supermarket giant has said that its hourly rates is rising from £11.11 to £12.04 and from £12.28 to £13.21 for workers inside the M25.

The new pay rates are to be introduced from July 1 this year.

There will also be an interim increase on April 1 to £11.44 an hour, and £12.61 for stores inside the M25, to meet the National Minimum Wage.


Hourly pay for Co-op workers is to increase to £12 an hour nationally which is up from £10.90.

Workers in London will see wages rise from £12.25 to £13.15.

Meanwhile, team leaders at Co-Op will also see their pay increase from £12.10 to £13.32 per hour.

These pay changes will be introduced from Apri 1.



Entry-level rates for workers outside the M25 from £11.40 to £12, Lidl announced in January.

The pay rate will reportedly increase to £13 with length of service.

People working within the ring road saw their rate increase from £12.85 to £13.55 and will see this rise to £13.85 over time.

The pay hikes were introduced on March 1.

The supermarket chain has also introduced a bank holiday premium of £2 an hour.

The retailer has also upped its nightshift premium to £3.50 per hour and extended the timeframe in which it is payable by one hour.


Marks and Spencer revealed that staff wages would increase from £10.90 to £12 nationwide from April 1 in February.

London workers will see minimum hourly wages rise from £12.05 to £13.15.

The supermarket's UK Team Support Managers will also see an the hourly rate from £12.20 to £13.05 with those in London, getting a rise from £13.35 to £14.20.


In October 2023, Morrisons increased its hourly pay rates.

The established rate for a customer assistant rose by 50p to £10.92 after it was upped from £10.42 in June.

Morrisons also pays a London location supplement of 85p per hour which takes the minimum rate of pay for staff within M25 to £11.77.

At the time of writing, Morrisons has not announced an increase to its staff wages this year.


Sainsbury’s has increased staff pay from £11 an hour to £12 an hour nationally.

In London, the increase will be from £11.95 to £13.15.

The supermarket giant has said that the increases would give its 120,000 workers an extra £1,910 a year nationally or an extra £2,290 a year in London.


Tesco recently announced it would be boosting the hourly rate for store staff by 9.1%.

This would take it from £11.02 an hour to £12.02 with the new rates will be introduced from April 28.

Workers within the M25 will see their pay go up to £13.15 per hour, from £11.95 for those in inner London and £11.75 for those in outer London.

The rise comes as the supermarket announced that it will increase paternity leave to six weeks fully paid and raise the maximum sick pay entitlement to 18 weeks.

Tesco has recently come under fire for this move since the new rates will be implemented almost a month after the legal minimum wage for those aged 21 and over increases to £11.44 from April 1.

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Under HMRC rules, this delay is permitted since the minimum pay rates need to be applied from the start of the “pay reference period” beginning on or after 1 April. which for Tesco is on April 28.


Waitrose currently pays its workers £10.50 nationally whilst workers within the M25 see an hourly pay of £11.72

Waitrose confirmed with The Mirror that it would be increasing pay rates from April 1.

From next month, staff will be paid £11.55 nationally with London workers receiving an hourly wage of £12.89.