Concerns have been raised after a grass verge was “ruined” and turned into mud by parked cars, ‘forcing residents to walk in the road’.

Alison Speakman, who lives on Bolton Road, Westhoughton, says the issue has been going on in the area for at least 18 months, and that not only is it an eyesore, but a safety concern.

Alison said: “It’s an eyesore, and it’s frustrating because there is a lovely park there, but the grass verge has been ruined, and it lowers the tone of the area.

“It’s a mess and there is barely any grass and rubbish has also been put there.

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The Bolton News: Before the area became damagedBefore the area became damaged (Image: Public)“It is most definitely a safety concern because if someone is trying to get passed with a pram, they have to go in the road because people will park on the pavement to not get stuck in the mud.”

Alison says that motorists have at times got stuck in the mud, which used to be grass.

She has also had to walk on the road previously to avoid the cars parked on the pavement and grass.

Alison says there should be something done to stop drivers from parking here such as bollards, especially given that there are double yellow lines on this part of the grass verge.

Westhoughton North councillor Cllr Martin Tighe says there is potential to have something installed to deter people from parking on the grass verge, but it is dependent on funding.

Cllr Tighe said: “The will is there to get something done, it’s just whether the finances are there.

The Bolton News: The damaged grass verge The damaged grass verge (Image: Public)“If we do get the funding to repair it and people ruin the new area the money would be wasted.

“But we can see if measures like bollards can be installed to stop people parking there.

“It’s about raising awareness with the drivers about parking on pavements, it’s not just about physically stopping them.

“I want to work with residents, highways, and drivers.

“Wheelchair users or prams have to walk into the road, which is a huge danger.

“It’s a safety risk for others having to walk into the road or push a pram in the mud.”

Cllr Tighe says that if bollards were installed, the area would not be completely closed off to the public, just enough to prevent parking, and flowers could be planted to create a garden space.

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