The first patients have now been treated at Bolton’s new multimillion pound “one stop shop” scanning centre.

The much-trailed community diagnostic centre has been under construction since April last year and is expected to deliver around 80,000 potentially lifesaving tests and scans every year.

Farnworth woman Rosemary has now become the very first person to use the new centre.

She said: “I feel really proud to be the first patient to use the centre, it’s really nice to see something new opening and it feels like an important step for the NHS.

The Bolton News: Rosemary was the first person to use the new centreRosemary was the first person to use the new centre (Image: Bolton NHS Foundation Trust)

“I hope it does make it easier to get a scan.

“I’m fortunate that I’ve had a really good experience of using the NHS in Bolton.

“I’ve been here a lot over the past twelve months, and I’ve always been looked after very well.”

The new centre can now be found on the ground floor of J Block at Royal Bolton Hospital.

Tests carried out will range from phlebotomy and fibro scan to MRI and X-ray, to support patients on elective care journeys and those referred for cancer diagnosis.

James, who lives near the hospital became the first person to use the centre’s new MRI scanner this week.

He said: “It looks really modern, it’s so much better for Bolton, it’s exactly what we needed.

The Bolton News: James was the first person to use the new MRI scannerJames was the first person to use the new MRI scanner (Image: Bolton NHS Foundation Trust)

“Bolton is a big town, and it needs centres like this that can look after more people.

“I feel lucky that I am the first person to use the MRI.

“The equipment is all so modern, and the nurses have been absolutely brilliant whilst I’m here for my scans.”

The centre will now be staffed by a team of experts from Monday to Friday.

The Bolton News: James at the new centreJames at the new centre (Image: Bolton NHS Foundation Trust)

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust MRI lead Alexandra Mann said: “Our new CDC means we can treat thousands of patients for all diagnostics, such as MRI, CT, X-ray and ultrasound, as early as possible.

“This works as a one-stop-shop where we can triage and carry out imaging on the same day.

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“The sooner we get patients in for their tests and scans, the sooner we can provide the treatment they need and improve their health outcomes.

Plans are now under discussion to expand services into evenings and weekends over the coming weeks and months.

Trust chief operating officer Rae Wheatcroft said: “An investment in our services and buildings is an investment into the health and wellbeing of our Bolton and Greater Manchester communities.

“Our CDC is providing us with additional capacity to increase the number of tests and scans we’re able to provide each year, allowing us to see more people, reduce how long people wait to be seen, and clear backlogs.”