Police have been given extra powers after village youths have been causing  'harassment, alarm and distress'.

Officers can order people out of parts of Little Lever after implementing a dispersal order.

The order is in place around the Dove Bank estate, Little Lever School, Market Street and Tesco. 

The powers are in place until 11pm tonight. 

Dispersal orders provide the police with the extra powers to break up groups of two or more people, where they believe their behaviour is causing a nuisance, harassment or distress. 

It is the latest dispersal order to have been put in place in Little Lever to tackle the issue of youths running riot.

A spokesperson for neighbourhood police GMP Bolton South said: "This afternoon Inspector Maddocks has authorised a dispersal order for an area of Little Lever, outlined on the below map.

"The Dispersal Order powers come under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime And Policing Act 2014 and will run from 2.30pm until 11pm on Friday, March 22. 

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"The Dispersal Order grants officers extended powers (to) direct a person to leave an area within the area of the map and has been introduced following an increase in anti-social behaviour in the area.

The Bolton News: The area where the dispersal order is in placeThe area where the dispersal order is in place (Image: GMP)

"There has been a large amount of anti-social behaviour reported across Little Lever, mostly across Market Street, Tesco and The Avenues. Members of the pubic are reporting harassment, alarm and distress being caused to them by groups of unknown youths." 

He added: "This order is necessary and proportionate to target, identify, and take appropriate action against those individuals responsible for this behaviour in this particular area.

"Anyone dispersed under this power will be referred to partner agencies and further preventative work will take place." 

This comes after Greater Manchester Police said they were committed to tackling anti-social behaviour in Little Lever earlier this month. 

The Bolton News has previously reported how shopkeepers are being abused and fireworks set off as youths run riot in Little Lever as anti-social behaviour continues to rise in the village. 

Previously the inspector warned  officers would make use of powers to tackle the issue.