A youth was arrested and “taken home to his parents”, while 18 were forced to leave a designated area after police powers were ramped up.

The increases in police powers were authorised by two dispersal orders authorised for the Little Lever area over Friday and Saturday.

They gave officers enhanced powers to order people to leave the area and police have now reported the results from the two days’ worth of action.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesperson said: “Eighteen people were issued with a direction to leave as a result of the dispersal orders that were in place on Friday, March 22, and Saturday, March 23.

“One male youth was arrested under S50 of the Police Reform Act for initially failing to provide his details after engaging in anti-social behaviour, before being taken home to his parents.

The Bolton News: The order was authorised in Little LeverThe order was authorised in Little Lever (Image: GMP)

“Officers also conducted stop searches under S23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act whilst on mobile patrol.

“Those issued with notices on Friday were excluded for a period of 48 hours and have adhered to these, not returning to the area on Saturday evening.

“The police will not allow anti-social behaviour to disrupt the lives of local residents and businesses, and we will be taking action against those who cause repeated alarm or distress to the public.”

The Bolton News: Smashed glass at Precinct NewsSmashed glass at Precinct News (Image: Newsquest)

Orders like these give police officers expanded powers, under the terms of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime And Policing Act 2014, to order people to leave a certain area.

The dispersal orders were authorised by Inspector Keiron Maddock for the areas around mostly around Market Street, the Tesco branch and The Avenues.

The Bolton News: The area included Little Lever Precinct The area included Little Lever Precinct (Image: Newsquest)

The first was authorised on Friday from 2pm to 11.30pm, with the second coming into force from noon on Saturday to 11.30pm that evening.

On Saturday, shopkeepers around Little Lever told the Bolton News that they had often had to deal with youths causing trouble over recent weeks and months.

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On shop worker said things had worsened over the last “six to seven” months and that she believed the same two or three groups of youths were responsible.

Precinct News owner Arshed Akbar said he had issues with young people around the ages of "13 to 17." 

He said: "They play football and hit the ball against the shop. The football smashed the glass on my door. 

"They also kicked the football in the shop and broke a sweet display. 

"They steal from the shop as well."