Former Corrie star Helen Flanagan has opened up about her struggles which led to her having to 'sadly' step back from the theatre tour Cluedo 2.

Addressing here one million followers on Instagram, the model said she had taken a few months off social media but was 'back now' and spoke candidly about her mental health struggles over Christmas and new year.

She said with support she was now in a 'really good happy place' after suffering from psychosis brought on by a bad reaction to medication.

Helen, who grew up in Bolton and attended Westholme School in Blackburn, spoke about her love for her kids and about the impact of her break up from their dad.

She said she was heartbroken to pull out of the play just days before rehearsals got underway.

Ellie Leach is now making her stage acting debut in the UK tour of Cluedo 2 as Miss Scarlett.

Her post interspersed with kisses, was liked by Christine McGuinness and others.

Below a picture of her with a healthy glow, she posted: "Had a few months off from social but I’m back now.

"So basically I really struggled mental health wise December/ January xxx

"I felt really not great in my head over Christmas and I didn’t really feel that much different when I took the kids away for new year.

" I had a lot of difficult things going on things I just can’t talk about on Instagram.

" I felt terrible, so I was due my theatre tour which I was excited about so when I came back from holiday I thought it was best for me to take some medication so I’d feel better and be able to cope better with being a working single mum of three and I was emotionally struggling with the break up from the father of my kids but I had a really bad reaction though to the medication ( an ADHD medication) and it sent me into a psychosis for a few days which I didn’t know I was in.

"I just love my kids so much. This bad reaction though was a few days before rehearsals were starting and sadly I just wasn’t mentally well enough to do it.

"I was heartbroken as I’ve always been professional as an actress but Ineeded to stay at home and feel better for me and my kids, with the help of my amazing parents.

"I’ve always been honest on here and I feel in a really good happy place now -therapy can be amazing and I feel like I’ve worked on myself with things that were quite tough to me but I feel lighter now - anyway sending love and please be kind."

Helen has urged people to go and see the theatre production describing Ellie as "unreal" and the show as "amazing" and a  must see.

She posted a picture of her with Ellie.

Her followers were quick to praise her honesty and her strength, with many sending their love.

One said: "By being honest, your winning Helen"

Another added: "Sending you love Helen, very brave to share."