The widow of Bolton-born popstar Tom Parker has written an emotional post on social media two years on from his death.

The Wanted star from Tonge Moor died on March 30, 2022 aged 33 after suffering with a brain tumour.

Marking two years since his passing, Kelsey Parker took to Instagram to share a compilation of clips of the two of them with their children Rae and Bodhi.

Her post reads: “Can’t believe it’s been two years.

“Feels like only yesterday that you left us, but I feel like I’ve been on my own for a long time now and so much has changed since you were here.

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“I know you’d be so proud of everything we’ve achieved. The house looking as we wanted it, Rae in school and thriving, Bodhi won’t take his football kits off, K2K going from strength to strength and the online community I’m growing.

“I know you’d be so proud of me.

“I’m so proud of me, but I wish more than anything you were here to tell me yourself.

“For you to wrap your arms around me and share in the excitement of every milestone reached.

“They say the second year is the hardest and everyone keeps telling me if I can survive that I can survive anything, but I’m somehow feeling a weaker than I have before.

“Rae and Bodhi are asking more questions and I just need you here to help me answer them. Two whole years and it’s getting harder not easier.

“I miss you more than ever.

“Celebrating you and all we had today and forever.

“Remember I love you one more than you can ever say my Tommy Boy forever.”

In September last year Kelsey visited Bolton town centre for her book signing at Waterstones.

Fans, friends, and family queued up to show their support and get a copy of her new book "With and Without You".

At the time she told The Bolton News that the process of writing the book was “tough”, especially the fact she started writing it three weeks before the first anniversary of Tom’s death.

Prior to Tom’s death, the couple let cameras into their lives for Inside My Head, a documentary following the star’s life after he received his brain tumour diagnosis in October 2020.

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