With people all across the country coming together over the Easter weekend to enjoy a delicious roast dinner, experts have issued a new warning to households.

Whether you enjoy having a meat or vegetarian roast dinner, the meal is always made better by the addition of gravy.

However, home experts have warned that using this popular food item can cause some costly problems that require professional help to resolve.

Warning issued to anyone having gravy this Easter weekend

The Bolton News: There are a number of ways to unclog mild sink blockages.There are a number of ways to unclog mild sink blockages. (Image: Getty)

Danielle Robinson, plumbing category manager at Toolstation issued the warning, saying: "Tipping gravy down the sink can cause serious harm to your household pipes since once it cools the fats and oils solidify and create blockages - which can be costly to fix."

She instead recommended that homeowners wipe down cutlery and dispose of any food debris in the waste bin to avoid plumbing issues this Easter.

Other food items known to cause blockages include rice and pasta with even the tiniest amounts clogging up pipes and sinks.

How to deal with drain blockages as Easter warning issued

For mild blockages, the expert recommends using a drain unblocker but states that investing in the right one is crucial.

For drains in the kitchen, you want to invest in an unblocker that helps to dissolve grease and fat.

When it comes to drains in the bathroom, the best products include those that dissolve hair.

In both cases, households should carefully follow the guidance on the product labels.

For more serious blockages, tools such as drain snakes are good to keep at home for when the problem's source cannot be reached.

These can be purchased online for as little as £4.98 and all that needs to be done is for the operator to continue inserting the tool until they feel an obstruction.

They then need to rotate the rod in a twisting motion while applying some pressure, releasing the debris.